Saltimbocca Peranzana Olive in brine – 250 gr


Olive in brine.
Net weight 250 gr drained.
Ingredients: peranzana olives, water and salt.


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The Peranzana or Proven├žal variety olive plant was introduced some centuries ago by the Duchi de Sangro, despite its French origins, the Peranzana has become a native variety of our territory, in fact the favorable pedoclimatic conditions make the resulting fruit exclusive and excellent organoleptic and product characteristics.

The Peranzana olive in brine of medium size and with a variegated bronze color with violet hues, has a solid and full-bodied pulp, a balanced flavor that at the end denotes a pleasant bitter aftertaste, excellent to be enjoyed with an aperitif or to season salads and sauces.

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Pack of olives in brine 250gr.

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